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What is a logo?

Your logo is an image or visual representation you use to identify your products or services.  Sometimes logos include your brand name in a stylised font and sometimes they stand alone.

Why trademark your logo?

Registering your logo as a trademark in the UK will give you the exclusive right to use that logo for your products. Once you have secured a trademark registration, it’s much easier to stop competitors and copycats from using confusingly similar logos or images for their offerings.

Protect your logo today by applying for a trademark registration in the UK with Trademark Planet.

How to create a logo trademark

How to create a logo trademark

A registered logo is a key component of your brand protection. Learn how to create a strong logo trademark.

trademark brand and logo

Should I trademark my brand and logo?

Here’s why you should trademark all the assets you value and that make up your brand’s reputation.

Adding registered trademark to logo

Adding a registered trademark sign

Discover everything about adding a registered trademark symbol ® or ™  to signify the status of your brand.

Trademark or copyright my logo

Trademark or copyright my logo?

Find out if you should trademark or copyright your logo to get the best protection for your brand.