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Making brand protection accessible

Trademark Planet was created by an innovative legal and tech team with a background in trademarks and intellectual property law. Our goal is to streamline the online trademark application process.

After you apply, we keep in touch and send you regular updates and notifications. We are easily contactable.

Trademark Planet is the self-service trademark registration platform UK business owners trust to successfully protect their brand. We give you the peace of mind to grow your business and be amazing at what you do.

Business owners protect their brands with Trademark Planet

With Trademark Planet, you can apply for your trademarks by yourself thanks to a simple, cost-efficient, assisted online registration process. You don’t need specialist knowledge or a trademark attorney to get effective brand protection in the UK. We help you achieve a successful trademark registration by offering a tailored service for the United Kingdom, recommending which products and categories are the most suitable for your brand.

We believe that everyone should be able to protect their intellectual property with no hassle. It’s time for you to join the Trademark Planet movement!

Happy Trademark Planet customers say...

Thanks for the hassle-free process and at lightning speed, perfect!
Justine Read


Easy to apply online. Excellent service.
Highly recommended.

Lyn Wedd

Gypsy Mind

Extremely simple to use and their customer service is next level!
Anthony Cathro

Popculture Tengoku