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Determine what you want to trademark

There are two common types of trademarks you can apply for with Trademark Planet: a word trademark or an image trademark.

  • For a brand name, a  business name or a slogan, you’ll be applying for a word trademark.
  • For a logo or stylised words, you’ll be applying for an image trademark.

The application to register a trademark online is straightforward for both types of trademarks.

How to trademark a name

A word trademark

A word trademark protects a business name, a brand name, a product name or even a slogan, such as:


A word trademark protects a name or phrase in any font, size, colour or design element, regardless of how they are displayed. This can be a very powerful business asset.

For maximum protection, you should try to register your word mark in plain text and also submit a separate trademark application for any distinctive visual logos.

How to trademark a logo

An image trademark

An image trademark can protect a logo, which could be an image, stylised words, or a combination of an image with words.

Image trademark registrations protect the overall look and visual elements of the logos – they don’t provide specific protection for any word components in the same way that word trademark registrations do.