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Trademark registration simplified

We believe all brand owners should own their brands – brand names, business names, logos or slogans. That’s why we’re committed to helping you successfully register a UK trademark online.

We know that the trademark registration process can be complicated. Getting help from lawyers is expensive and doing it alone is time-consuming and risky.

Trademark Planet has built a solution for you. No lawyers, no logins and no hidden costs.


One-off, all-inclusive fee

We use our smart technology to maximise your chance of a successful trademark registration. We are so confident in our system that we only charge you once – no surprise “success” fees.


Easy, anytime, online

Our fully automated solution reduces complexity, eliminates the risk of further costs and empowers you to submit an accurate application in just minutes, any time, day or night. We take care of everything from there.


Free, proactive and reliable support

We are happy to support you before, during and after you apply – feel free to get in touch with us. If the trademark office raises objections, our experienced trademark professionals will assess the issues raised and try to fix them for you, at no cost. We keep you updated all the way.


The best time to trademark your brand is now!

  • Secure national exclusivity for your brand 

  • Stop competitors using your brand

  • Get the right to use the ® symbol

   How to get a trademark with Trademark Planet


Having protected thousands of trademarks around the world, our team has now combined its legal expertise with smart technology to provide a 24/7 self-service trademark application process that saves business owners and entrepreneurs time, money and hassle. No logins and no lawyers necessary.

You can apply for a UK trademark registration online, using any device, in minutes, with our simple 3-step process.

Step 1

Enter your brand name or logo
Step 2 - Choose your products for trademark protection

Step 2

Choose your products

Step 3

Enter the owner’s details

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Confirm your order and pay
After you submit your trademark application online using Trademark Planet, we’ll email you your receipt and confirmation of your trademark application. We’ll then send you email updates on the progress of your application at each stage of the trademark process.

   What should you trademark?


You should protect the brands that are important to your business. For most businesses, this means trademarking your brand names, your logo and any slogans you use. With Trademark Planet’s fully automated trademark application system you can:

  • Trademark your business name

    eg. NIKE

  • Trademark your logo

  • Trademark your brand name

    eg. NIKE or AIR MAX

  • Trademark a phrase or slogan

    eg. Just do it

UK trademark registration made easy

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Thanks to our smart technology and proactive customer service

Affordable pricing

Transparent pricing, one-off cost

Apply anytime

Apply anytime

Register your trademark at any time of the day, available 24/7


100% automated online trademark registration platform

Fast application

Apply in under 5 minutes, we submit to the UK trademark office


Designed for registering trademarks in the United Kingdom

      What does it cost to get a trademark in the UK?

Our pricing is simple and transparent. It includes our one-off fee, the UK trademark office fees. No surprises and no hidden fees.

Our all-inclusive fee for one trademark application is £390.

If you choose to include extra categories in your application, these cost an additional £100 per category.

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Easy to apply online. Excellent service.
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Extremely simple to use and their customer service is next level!
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