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What is a brand name?

Your brand name is the word or words you use to identify your products or services. It’s the name you want your customers to remember – it sets your products or services apart from your competitors, for example: 

  • NIKE
  • SKY

Why trademark your brand name?

Registering your brand name as a trademark in the UK will give you the exclusive right to use that brand for your products. Once you have secured a trademark registration, it’s much easier to stop competitors and copycats from using confusingly similar names for their offerings.

You can register a trademark for your business name, personal name or even your domain name.

Protect your brand name today by applying for a trademark registration with Trademark Planet.

Why use Trademark Planet

Why use Trademark Planet?

Ensure exclusivity for your brand in 3 easy steps plus the benefits of Trademark Planet.

trademark brand and logo

Should I trademark my brand and logo?

All the assets that contribute to your brand’s reputation need protection.

Can I get a domain name trademark?

Can I get a domain name trademark?

Business owners often wonder if a domain name can be trademarked. Yes! It can.

Why trademarks are important for brand protection

Why trademarks are important for brand protection

Don’t leave your brand vulnerable. A trademark can save your business.