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What happens after my UK trademark application has been submitted?

After submitting your UK trademark application, Trademark Planet will send you email updates at each stage of the process.

You’ll receive a confirmation that your payment was successful as well as an order summary with your application order number. You’ll then be informed of any update:


  1. When the UK trademark office approves your application, we’ll let you know via email.
  2. If your application faces a trademark objection to the wording for the products or services you’ve chosen, we’ll fix it for no charge and let you know by email.
  3. If your application receives other objections, we’ll inform you and let you know your options.
  4. Once your trademark is registered, we’ll send you the good news. We’ll email you your trademark registration certificate and include details of how to renew your trademark in due course.



The Trademark Office won’t approve your application initially if it considers your trademark to be too generic to function as a trademark.

If this happens one of our experienced legal consultants will outline the options to overcome the objections and help you achieve a good result. If we think we can overcome the issues raised by the IP Office, we will action this at no cost to you.

How long will my UK trademark application take?

Trademark application process timeline

Within minutes you can complete your UK trademark application online via Trademark Planet. We’ll then submit your application to the UK trademark office.
Your trademark application will be examined by the UK trademark office within a month and they’ll let us know whether it’s approved or if there are any objections. Trademark Planet will keep you informed by email.

Once your trademark application is approved, the application is advertised for a period of two months to allow others to object to registration – this is called a trademark opposition. If there is no opposition to your trademark during that time, then your application should be registered within another couple of weeks.